Husqvarna Bar Oil Bio Advanced

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Husqvarna Bio Advanced vegetable chain oil offers exceptional performance. Its unique vegetable-based formula is designed especially for our saws – offering superior lubrication and functionality even in extreme conditions. Its improved oxidation resistance means your saw stays smooth and ready to go – even after storage.



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The exceptional high viscosity index means that the viscosity change is smaller over a wide temperature range. It pours freely down to -20°C, and protects your cutting equipment against wear even in the harshest climate.


As well as performance and reliability, the vegetable based formulation of Husqvarna Bio Advanced is made from renewable base plant stocks, and biodegradable for reduced environmental impact.

Oxidation resistance

The Husqvarna Bio Advanced formula has been developed to resist chain clogging during extended idle periods to make sure that your equipment is ready to use at any time.