HWA 4500

HWA 4500

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Product ID 113228-45

Compact high powered pump suitable for automatic water supply in the house and garden. Flow rates up to 4500 l/h

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  • Particularly easy to install

  • Reliable, quiet operation

  • Compact domestic water pump with dry running protection and steady pressure during operation

  • The intelligent, electronic controller with Flow Control System monitors operation of the domestic water system round the clock, thus providing optimum protection for the pump against dry running. If the water supply is interrupted, the pump is immediately switched off – so the pump will not overheat.

  • Integrated easy-to-clean XXL filter - The extra large, integrated XXL filter protects the pump and the check valve optimally against contamination, thus guaranteeing reliable operation.

  •  The HWA 4500 water pump is designed for private use in the house and garden and is suitable exclusively for the pumping of clear water and rainwater, watering the garden and for increasing the pressure of water in a water supply system.

  • The HWA 4500 water pump is not suitable for pumping drinking water, salt water, water containing sand and waste water with textile and paper content. The pump is also not suitable for pumping fluids above 35°C and any aggressive, corrosive, explosive or fuming chemicals or liquids.


  • Flow Control System Feature

  • XXL Prefilter Feature


1300 watts
Cable Length
Maximum Flow Rate
4500 l/h
Maximum Head/Pressure
50m / 5.0 bar
Maximum Suction Height
Pump Hydraulics
Suction/Pressure Hose Diameter
G 1" (33.3 mm)
Switch On/Off Pressure
5.0 bar Switch off pressure
11.5 kg
Product Dimensions (W x H x L)
208mm x 350mm x 476mm