1.5 Litre Handheld Sprayer

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Product Description

Perfect for spot treatments, and can be used around the home or garden. The pump is built into the handle and features a pressure release valve allowing you to safely remove the internal pressure prior to opening the sprayer to refill. Includes a brass adjustable nozzle for stream, cone, or mist and two flat fans suitable for multiple applications.


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  1. Sprayer Nozzle Brass
    Adjustable nozzle

    Nozzle can be adjusted to a stream, cone, or mist spray pattern as needed.

  2. 48 Ounce Sprayer
    Weighted dip tube

    Sprayer is designed to use up all the liquid in the container.

  3. 48 Ounce Sprayer
    Pressure release valve

    Pressure release valve allows for a safe and steady release of internal pressure prior to opening the sprayer for refills.