8 Litre Battery Handheld Sprayer

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Product Description

Versatile sprayer, perfectly sized for smaller jobs or spot treatment applications. This battery powered sprayer features a Lithium-Ion pump and charger, meaning there is no pumping involved and it can spray up to 90 litres per charge. The 1.2m reinforced PVC hose and strain relief nut is durable and prevents kinking, while the air compressor head keeps the tank pressurised to ensure efficient spray application. The extra-long 635mm stainless steel wand with poly liner is chemical resistant and ideal for weed prevention, pest control or fertilizing. Three included nozzles ensure versatile application, compatible with wettable powders, water-based, and low viscosity products. Premium shoulder strap included.


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  1. Symbol Feature - Rechargeable Battery Included
    Battery and charger included

    A rechargeable high-performance battery and charger are included with the sprayer.

  2. Handheld Battery Sprayer - 598967601
    On/off switch

    Convenient on/off switch provides consistent spray pressure at the push of a button.