Atom 481 4-Stroke Deluxe Domestic Lawn Edger

Atom 481 4-Stroke Deluxe Domestic Lawn Edger

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  1. Model: Atom 481

    Engine: Honda 25cc 4-Stroke GX25. Certified to meet Euro 5 emission requirements.

    Displacement: 25cc GX25

    Power: 0.8kW (1.1hp)

    Fuel: Unleaded petrol (no oil mix)

    Weight: 8kg (17.9lbs)

    Blades: 271mm (10 2/3”)

    Garden plot Cutting Depth: 75mm (3”)

    Gear box reduction: 3:54:1 Hardened spiral bevel gears

    Wheel: Very manoeuvrable large 150mm (6”) easy rolling wheel.

    Power Drive: Solid precision 12mm diameter shafts with 4 sealed ball bearings steel  (No belts).

  2. Features

    1. Trigger switch control with safety interlock.
    2. Strong steel tube handle bars.
    3. Automatic safety clutch with pad clutch shoes.
    4. Easy lifting carrying handle. Light to pick up and carry. Easily transferable in the boot of your car.
    5. Positive 6-position height adjustment.
    6. Edge guide.
    7. Exclusive 4-bladed cutting system. Industry longest 271mm (10 2/3”) hardened spring steel blades for smoother operation, longer life and neater cutting.
    8. Constant height spring return pivoting debris deflector.
    9. Very manoeuvrable large 150mm (6”) wheel.
    10. Fully enclosed blades guard.
    11. Handles cross brace for extra stability.
    12. Air cushion bio-rubber hand grips.