Atom 561 / 562 Professional 4 stroke Petrol Lawn Edger

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The Atom 561 Pro is the most powerful 4-stroke edger in the Atom range. Its 35cc Honda GX35 engine is easy to start and delivers top performance whether you are trimming edges around curbs, driveways, parks, schools or reserves. Low fuel consumption plus high power output make this machine one of the most efficient engines in the world.

The Atom 561 Pro features a 7-point anti-vibration system for maximum comfort. An integrated exhaust system moves hot air away from you so you do not accidentally touch the hot air outlet.

Designed with a 4-blade cutting system made of hardened steel, this edger can work through the toughest of lawns and provide you with many years of trouble-free edging performance.


  • Model: Atom 561
  • Motor: Honda 4-Stroke GX35
  • Displacement: 35cc
  • Power: 1.2 Kw (1.6hp)
  • Fuel: Unleaded petrol (no oil mix)
  • Weight: 9kg (20lbs)
  • Blades: 271mm (10 2/3”) length
  • Maximum Cutting Depth: 75mm (3”) Eg for garden plots.
  • Gear box reduction: 3:54:1 Hardened precision cut steel spiral bevel gears
  • Wheel: Commercial type rubber tyred with premium sealed ball bearings
  • Power Drive: Solid precision 12mm diameter shafts with 7 sealed ball bearings
    (No belts).
  • Wheel height adjustment arm with wear proof rubber bushings