Atom 985 Super Professional Heavy Duty Drillmaster engine drill

Atom 985 Super Professional Heavy Duty Drillmaster engine drill

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Powered by Mitsubishi 48cc Japanese engine.
Augers 3/8" (10mm) to 11/4"(32mm) supplied separately - see Hardwood Augers.


  • Automatic Reverse Gear with its very powerful engine to do the job quickest
  • Up to 10 times faster gear change than any other brand of engine drill
  • Greatly increased productivity
  • Drills 11/4” (32mm) hardwood holes and smaller.


Engine: Very powerful 48cc Mitsubishi TLE48 stratified head 2-Stroke Japanese engine. Meets Australian Euro5 emission standard.
Max power rating: 1.8Kw (2.45Hp)
Fuel: Unleaded petrol/oil mix 50:1
Clutch system: Automatic centrifugal clutch
Auger speed: 0-750RPM with 11/4” (32mm) auger. Faster with smaller augers.


  1. With automatic reverse gear (not found in any other brand of engine drill).
  2. New design (patents pending) incorporating many safety features. If the engine drill suddenly reacts (severe twisting) due to auger binding or jamming in timber, operator throttle control automatically moves to idle position allowing operator to maintain control of drilling operation.
  3. Drills holes faster than any other other brand drill due to the unique Automatic Reverse Gear System and high engine power.
  4. All ball bearing, high tensile steel reversing clutches, hardened and 5 axis numerical controlled steel cut crown gears and pinion.
  5. Self-locking collar prevents auger loosening during use.
  6. Designed and manufactured in Australia to drill 11/4” (32mm) to 3/8” (10mm) holes in the hardest Australian hardwood. Also drills softwood.