Billy Goat BC2600ICM Outback Fixed Deck Brushcutter Slasher(2692010), 26", Briggs & Stratton 344cc Engine

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The 26″/ 66 cm wide fixed deck commercial-duty brush cutter provides excellent stability in deep vegetation.

The mechanical transaxle, featuring 3 speeds forward and 1 reverse, is ideal for clearing meadows and fields or cutting paths and trails wherever dense brush and weeds present a clean-up challenge.

The heavy-duty blade spindle is reinforced on four sides to tackle the toughest cutting conditions, including thick brushes, grass and weeds over 180 cm tall, and saplings up to 5 cm diameter. For operator comfort and high productivity, forward and reverse controls are at your fingertips.

The BC2600ICM fixed deck brush cutters are powered by trusted Briggs & Stratton engines.


BC26 Heavy-Duty Blade Spindle
Billy Goat Bc2600hm Fixed Spindle

Reinforced in four directions for maximum durability and safety, so you can keep cutting in the harshest conditions.

Heavy-Duty Mechanical Transaxle
Billy Goat Bc2600 Fixed Transaxle

Combines the transmission and differential into one sealed package with no linkages to snag on brush. Three speeds and reverse.

Rigid Deck
Billy Goat Bc2600 Deck

Does not articulate and pull, snag on hills, holes or uneven ground. Provides excellent stability in deep vegetation.

Rubberized Rear Deck Trim
Billy Goat Bc2600 Decktrim

Allows for easier stump clearance in reverse.

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