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Features For The Billy Goat BC2600HM - Outback Brush Mower


Want to clear your path or walkway with less effort than using a hand held brush cutter? This Billy Goat BC2600HM 26 inch Fixed Deck Brush Mower is your answer! This brush mower eliminates brush, weeds, and tall grass with minimal effort on your part and maximum effort from the commercial grade Honda Engine. Breeze through brush up to 6 feet high and saplings up to 2 inches in diameter with the Heavy-Duty spindle design that is built to take on rugged applications and the abuse from rocks, stumps, fence posts, tires, and other objects left in a brush pile. Padded grip handles allow you to easily reach the intuitive drive controls allowing you to gradually pick up speeds with the three self-propelled speeds for quick operation. Also, knock out stumps with the rubberized rear deck trim that clears stumps with no damage to the machine.

  • Commercial-Grade Honda Engine: Reach up to 388cc for increased power and efficiency to eliminate tough brush and weeds.
  • Tuff Torq Transmission: Demanding applications are no match for the self-propelled three-speed-shift-on-the-fly transmission for safe and easy operation.
  • 26" Fixed Deck: Cut through any overgrown vegetation with the high-torque low tip speed blade that offers a fixed cutting height while providing excellent stability. The fixed deck makes it easier to turn the machine and assists in being more durable in tough vegetation.
  • Heavy-Duty Spindle Design: Eliminate high brush and grass up to 6 feet high and saplings up to 2 inches in diameter with the tough design. Rugged applications are a breeze with the 4 direction reinforcement designed to takes on abuse of rocks, stumps, fence posts, tires, and other things left in a pile of brush. Shock is also absorbed and dissipated by the Kevlar type belt that protects critical components in the back of the machine.
  • Intuitive Drive Controls: Gradually pick up forward and reverse speed from the handles with no shifting required.
  • Rubberized Rear Deck Trim: A rubberized deck trim allows you to put the machine in reverse to clear stumps easier with no damage to the machine.
  • Ergonomic Handles: Padded grip handles offer comfort for times of longer hours of use and knuckle guards for protection in rough conditions.
  • Wide Tires: Push this machine up a 20° slope with maximum traction and pulling power from the wide tractor tires.


Fixed Rear Discharging deck

Does not articulate and pull, snag on hills, holes or uneven ground. Provides excellent stability in deep vegetation. Rigid Deck.

Heavy-Duty Mechanical Transaxle

Combines the transmission and differential into one sealed package with no linkages to snag on brush. Three speeds and reverse.

Heavy-Duty Blade Spindle

Reinforced in four directions for maximum durability and safety, so you can keep cutting in the harshest conditions.

Ergonomically-Angled Control Handles with Padded Grips

Intuitive drive controls make it easier to move forward and reverse. Wide handles with padded grips and guards for maximum protection and leverage in deep brush.


Engine Make
Engine Model
Performance kW*
Performance HP*
Displacement (cc)
Recoil Start
Productivity (m2/h)
Cutting Width (cm/in)
66 / 26
Height of Cut (cm)
2,5 - 9,5
Height of Cut Adjustment
Drive Type
Self Propelled
Transmission Type
Forward Speed (km/h)
Reverse Speed (km/h)
Gears Forward
Gears Reverse
Diff Lock
Weight (kg)
Length (cm)
Width (cm)
Height (cm)