Combi Can 5 + 2.5L

Combi Can 5 + 2.5L

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Product Description

Designed to allow refuelling without splash or waste. Providing an optimised fuel/chain oil ratio storage containers (5.0L / 2.5L) with an integrated toolbox for frequently needed tools and spare parts. Approved in accordance with UN recommendations.


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  1. Compartment, both sides
    Integrated tool box

    The can is equipped with a flexible and integrated tool box to bring along frequently used tools.

  2. Carrying position, pipes
    Parking position

    Parking position

  3. Ergonomic grip
    Ergonomic grip

    The handles are placed for optimal lifting ergonomics when carrying and refueling.

    Product Data
    Combi Can 5 + 2.5L
    Art no: 580 75 42‑01
    Volume oil 2.5 l
    Volume petrol 5 l
    GTIN-13/EAN 7393080392077