Fuel can 15L

Fuel can 15L

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The completely new 15 litre fuel can for wheeled machines offers an innovative way of refuelling. Mainly due to the three uniquely placed, ergonomic grips and the special spout design. All this allows you to easily lift and carry the can, and – most importantly – quickly refuel without any splash effects and waste.

  • Volume petrol
    15 l


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Parking position, pipe

Level window

to see remaining fuel


Overfill protection

When the tank is full,
the flow is cut off automatically
and you can lift up the can without


Date marking

Date marking placed on the bottom of the can.

Mechanical lock, pipe

Mechanical lock

The spouts has a mechanical lock to prevent unexpected opening and leakage.

  • Ergonomic grip
  • Placement for spout
  • A new way of refueling
Ergonomic grip
Ergonomic grip
The handles are placed for optimal lifting ergonomics when carrying and refueling.