Garden Pump Pre Filter 100/1"

Garden Pump Pre Filter 100/1"

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Product ID 110157

The 100/1" prefilter extends the life of the Transfer water pumps by providing it with effective protection from wear and tear caused by contaminants such as coarse dirt, sand and other larger particles. It is suitable for almost all Transfer pumps. The supplied connectors in different sizes, ensure that the pre-filter fits exactly. In addition, it is easy to wash and also very durable despite continuous use. Since the filter is transparent, you can immediately recognize and remove foreign objects and dirt which makes it quite practical. It is recommended to order the prefilter when purchasing your pump.


  • This pre-filter protects the interior of your Household Water Supply pumps against damage caused by dirt.

  • Suitable for almost all Household Water Supply pumps.

  • Screen insert is made of washable plastic

  • Comes with two 1"-1" and one 1"-3/4" thread adapter, one extension 1"-1" and washable screen insert.