HHT36BXB Domestic Lawn Trimmer Skin

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A battery Lawn Trimmer like no other, our most powerful performance yet


Honda’s HHT36BXB Domestic Battery Lawn Trimmer is the perfect tool to keep the backyard tidy. Used for trimming, edging and slashing with easy operation makes this line trimmer ideal for the residential user.

Exceptional power

A battery range like no other, our most powerful performance yet

Ergonomic design

Lightweight for comfort and perfect balance

Superior brushless motor

More power with low noise and vibration

Battery Range Compatibility

Compatible with 2Ah, 4Ah & 6Ah Honda Batteries

Key features


  • Loop handle
  • 78 dB(A) volume under operation
  • 3.3kg (excl battery)
  • 2 year domestic warranty
  • Skin only. Battery & Charger sold separately
  • Compatible with 2Ah, 4Ah, 6Ah battery options

Superior Brushless Motor

  • Superior Brushless Motor

    Honda’s new superior brushless motor provides longer run-time, exceptional power and is lightweight for optimal comfort and control. Honda’s HHHT36BXB Lawn Trimmer is easy to handle with perfect balance and uncompromised cutting performance.


    Two chargers, three battery options

    • Two chargers, three battery options

      Take charge in the garden with Honda’s new 2Amp Battery Charger compatible with all three battery options. The 2Ah battery is suited for small residential gardens, 4Ah for medium and the 6Ah will tackle the large backyards. Honda’s 36V 8Amp Fast Battery Charger is also compatible with all three batteries if you require contractor quality with a faster charge time.

      Bump feed spool

      • Heavy duty 3-tooth blade

        The Honda HHH36BXB Lawn Trimmer’s bump feed spool with Easy Line Re-wind feature is extremely user friendly, simply tap the cutting head on the ground when you need more line and re-wind when you’re done. The perfect battery Lawn Trimmer to tidy up the backyard edges with the same Durability, Quality and Reliability you’d expect from Honda.