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Heavy duty trash pump

Honda’s WT30 is a 3” Trash Pump, the largest in the Honda range, and boasts a massive capacity of 1,210 litres per minute with a 27m head via its powerful GX240 4-Stroke Honda engine. Engineered for tough conditions, the WT30 is specially designed for job sites and applications where high-volume trash water capacity is needed.

For tough conditions

Heavy-duty 3” construction trash pump

Cast iron volute

Reduces case wear

Oil alert system

Shuts off engine when low oil is detected

Heavy duty full frame

Added protection

Key features

Built tough for tough conditions

Our biggest trash pump

  • The WT30 Trash Pump is the ideal addition to any construction sites, mining sites, storm drains where water is mixed with debris and you need a premium pump.

    As a reliable 3" Pump, it has been designed to work hard day in, day out, delivering up to a MASSIVE 1,210 litres per minute.

    With maximum suction head of 8m and maximum total head of 27m, the WT30 has plenty of reach, and when paired with 60 years of Honda's engineering experience you know you're dealing with the best in the business.

Our biggest trash pump


  • As per the Honda standard, the WT30 starts first time, every time with Honda's famous one pull easy start system.

    It's powered by Honda's jaw-dropping GX240 4-Stroke OHV engine and runs on unleaded fuel, so you'll never have to mix oil and petrol again.

    These technologies make the WT30 an environmentally friendly Trash Pump with low emissions, less noise than the competition and low fuel consumption.


Commercial grade engine

  • The durable Honda GX series commercial grade engine is easy starting and provides ample power for the toughest conditions.

Commercial grade engine

Legendary pumps

  • Honda Water Pumps offer a level of uncompromising performance to a wide variety of water transfer applications.

    Designed for easy starting, priming and dependable service, used throughout the world for over 20 years, Honda water pumps have earned a reputation for unsurpassed reliability and performance.

    These pumps are known for their durable construction, quality engines and easy portability; features that apply to all categories of Honda pumps.

Legendary pumps


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  • WT30


    RRP $2,359

    • 3" Volume pump
    • Maximum total head 27m
    • Maximum suction head 8m
    • Capacity 1210L/min, up to 17mm solid
    • Powered by GX270