Husqvarna Splitting Axe S1600

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Product Description

Splitting axe made for splitting firewood logs. The axe head has a non-stick coating which gives less friction and easy entry into the wood and the head geometry is adapted to the application of splitting medium- sized logs. Handle protection and long life due to the stainless steel shaft protection. Balance point close to the axe head gives perfect balance and weight distribution. The combination of the optimised axe head and the light shaft concentrates the power into the cut which splits logs easier. Fibre-reinforced PA shaft makes the axe durable and robust. Hammer function for an easy and effective use of splitting wedges (no steel wedges).


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  1. missing
    Special coated head

    This special coating gives less friction and easy entry into the wood, and anti-corrosive protection.

  2. missing
    Shaft protection

    Impact protection in stainless steel protects this critical part of the handle.

  3. missing
    Hooked end

    Allows hand to slide down with secure and comfortable stop.

    Product Data
    Splitting Axe S1600
    Art no: 580 76 13‑01
    Length 60 cm
    Weight 1.696 kg
    Axe head weight 1.2 kg
    Edge cover Yes