Trimmer head Alloy

Trimmer head Alloy

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Product Description

A robust and reliable trimmer head with quick and easy line loading. Suitable for any Husqvarna trimmer line and designed for optimal line locking and low cutting height. The maintenance is minimised and the low cutting height gives an attractive and tidy result.


4 / 5
  1. Symbol Benefit Durability (RGB) 600x400 px
    Durability 5/5

    Optimised material combinations for prolonged lifetime.

  2. Symbol Benefit Heavy grass(RGB) 600x400 px
    Heavy grass

    For dense, coarse grass, but not for woody growth.

  3. Symbol Benefit Grass

    This product is best suited for trimming grass

    Product Data
    Trimmer head Alloy
    Art no: 578 44 82‑01
    Fits engine size <42 cc
    Cord size Min 2 mm
    Cord size Max 3.3 mm