Trimmer head S35 (M10)

Trimmer head S35 (M10)

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Product Description

Trimmer head with manual cord feed. The cord is fed manually by the user when pushing the cord feed button and pulling the cord. All manual feed heads include provision for external loading of line.


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  1. Symbol Benefit Durability
    Durability 4/5

    Optimised material combinations for prolonged lifetime.

  2. Symbol Benefit Grass

    This product is best suited for trimming grass

    Product Data
    Trimmer Head S35 (M12)
    Art no: 578 44 74‑01
    Trimmer Head S35 (M12)
    Art no: 578 44 76‑01
    Fits engine size 30-42 cc 30-42 cc
    Cord size Min 2.4 mm 2.4 mm
    Cord size Max 2.7 mm 2.7 mm